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The FlexStone "Flak Jacket" glove features a 13 gauge U2 knitting Aramid shell with a soft glass fiber blend liner that provides outstanding protection from cuts, heat, and abrasion while allowing maximum flexbility and feel. Micro-foam nitrile coating improves upon the softness and breathability of standard nitrile while delivering a superior grip in dry or oily conditions.



ANSI CUT 3 FlexStone "Flak Jacket" SF-NFH215

    • Thin 13 Gauge U2 knitting seamless cut and resistant Aramid liner offers superior comfort, dexterity and flexibility.
    • Ultra-thin and flexible micro-foam coating allows for maximum breathability and ensures a secure grip in wet, dry, and heavy oil applications.
    • The open back provides breathability and ergonomic shape increases comfort.
    • Machine Washable
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