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 Multifunction glove can be used in garden, herb or vegetable garden, or household auto working. Perfect for pruning rose bushes, digging, planting, touching sensitive plants, pulling out irrigating or poisonous plants, or working anywhere you might get cut or scratched.


Each case contains 40 gloves of the following sizes:

10 Small

10 Medium

10 Large

10 X-Large


Multi-Purpose Garden Gloves 1 Case - 40 Pairs

    • Puncture resistant: made with strong materials, protect your hand and fingers from thorns, rocks, scissors or anything else that may cut your hands and fingers.
    • Superior durability: waterproof and abrasion resistant.
    • FLexibility: Nitrile coating provides superior handling when using tools such as trowels, pruners or when handling delicate plants.
    • Comfortability: Nylon knitted glove provides breathable shell, even wear them for an extended period of time your hands will still be  cool dand dry.
    • Machine Washable
    • Easy to distinguish size: Each color for one size. Pink S, Yellow M, Green L, Blue XL
    • Meets ANSI Level A1 Cut Resistance
    • EN388:2016 Level 3 Abrasion  - Level 2 Tear - Level 1 Puncture


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