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TPR Safety Gloves for Preventing Hand Injuries

Impact TPR safety gloves provide a layer of shock-absorbing material, which protects hands and fingers from vibration and crushing injuries. These types of TPR gloves are often made of a combination of materials, such as thermal plastic rubber and leather, to provide protection without sacrificing dexterity. Extra material, called bumpers, is often added to the knuckles and fingers to protect against pinching and impact. Padding may be added to the palm to help absorb impacts and shock. Ideal impact safety TPR gloves come in bright colors, to aid visibility, and are water-resistant with breathable fabric and textured areas to improve grip. Choosing the right glove size is imperative to a secure and comfortable fit, and can be achieved by measuring the hand with a flexible tape measure.

Adjustable wrist closures help ensure that no loose material is left hanging out, and a safety cuff allows the glove to be pulled off if caught in moving machinery, rather than pulling the hand in with it.

Hand injuries may cost thousands of dollars to both companies and individuals, so it pays to use protection. Impact safety gloves are an essential investment that makes jobs safer so that employees can complete their work efficiently and go home healthy.

Check out SFG for more information on how you can protect yourself against hand injuries in the work place.

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