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The Importance of Hand Safety

Our hands and fingers play a role in almost every task we do daily which makes them that much more vulnerable at the workplace.

Because of their much-needed characteristics such as strength, flexibility, sensitivity, and coordination, hand protection and safety should be a top priority for both employers and workers.

Prevention takes time but it is vital in helping to keep your hands and fingers safe. Here are some ways that hands and fingers are injured:

  • Cut

  • Punctured

  • Scraped

  • Burned

  • Irritated by dermatitis

  • Fractured

  • Crushed or mangled

  • Amputated

Fortunately, almost all hand and finger injuries can be prevented and it starts by wearing the right safety gear. We know how important it is to keep your hands safe which is why we've been a leader in the glove industry for almost twenty years crafting the right equipment and technology to innovate the hand safety industry.

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