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Southern California Shipping & Delivery 

We offer FREE Delivery on Orders over $500 within 100 miles of our warehouse in Santa Ana California. 100 miles is approximately the green highlighted area radius on the illustration to the right. We can go a bit further outside the radius on free delivery but please call to schedule  :). 

For Orders less than $500, we can deliver and charge $0.50 per mile.

*Areas in Southern California outside of our Delivery Routes may call us to inquire about delivery and shipping alternatives. 

We are always flexible with our Delivery and Free Delivery Service.  Please call us (949) 296-6290 to schedule your packages on our delivery routes.


Buy Direct from our Warehouse : Open M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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shipping & freight

We offer FREE Shipping on Orders over $3000 within the Contiguous United States. 

Shipping Fees are contingent on the weight and destination of packages.  We can ship via most carriers at your discretion.  Once we have your order, we can determine the shipping cost and shipping options.

We source all of our shipping by the pallet to Freight Quote by C.H. Robinson.   

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